Savannah Cat Breed: Bio and Traits

The savannah cat breed is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and an African Serval Cat. The mixed breed inherited the alluring beautiful appearance of its wild relatives and the pleasant, loving, friendly nature of its domestic relatives. Savannah cats are supposed to possess the entire world at their fingertips thanks to their alluring beauty and amiable nature.

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origin of the savannah cat

Due to mating between Judee Frank’s two cats, the Savannah cat breed was initially created. In 1986, she got kittens as a result of the mating of her two cats—a female Siamese and a male African Serval.

The Savannah breed was introduced to the board of The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1996, but it wasn’t recognised until 2001. To preserve genetic diversity, hybrids were additionally bred with different cat breeds. The Bengal and Maine Coon cat breeds are the only ones with which they cannot be outcrossed.

The main features of the breed include:

  • Origin: USA
  • Size: usually medium to large
  • Average male weight: 12-25 lbs
  • Average female weight: 12-25 lbs
  • Coat colour: black, silver, chocolate, brown.
  • Coat pattern: marbled, spotted, rosetted.
  • Coat type: short

characteristics of the savannah cat breed

Savannah cats are often tall and slim, though their size primarily relies on the sex and generation of the hybrid. Savannah cats of the first generation are often larger, weighing between 8 and 20 pounds, whereas those of the F3 and later generations tend to be smaller.

The Savannah cat breed can be identified by a few distinctive characteristics. They inherited the characteristics from their untamed forebears. They have a body that is unusually lengthy, and tall, cupped ears, puffy nostrils, hooded eyes, and short, dense coats.

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Though uncommon hues and patterns like marble, rosette, pointed, cinnamon and chocolate frequently appear, TICA only recognizes spotted coat patterns that are brown, silver, or black smoke in colour because they are the only patterns seen in the African Serval.

traits of the savannah cat breed

Savannah cats are a cross between domestic and wild cats, yet domestic cats are where they get their friendliness, serenity, and loyalty from.

They can be trained for many different tasks, including leash walking, and are highly intelligent. Additionally, they have excellent athleticism and agility, and they frequently engage in climbing and jumping-related activities.

interesting facts to note about the savannah cat breed

  • The Savannah cat likes water. The hybrid would also want to play in the toilet, take a quick dip, or have a swim in the bathtub. Any activity involving water usually piques their attention.
  • The vocal prowess of the Savannah cat is most likely a trait inherited from their Siamese relatives. Savannah cats are not afraid to express their vocalizations. They communicate their feelings to you by making noises like meows, chirps, and hisses.
  • The Savannah cat is an engaging breed that is sociable, funny, and enjoyable. They enjoy playing with any toys or activities that are available to them and are also highly playful. They enjoy exploring the house and are constantly looking for new experiences.
  • They are the tallest domestic cats: according to Guinness World Records, two Savannah cats are the tallest cats. Arcturus moved into that position in 2017 by being a little bit taller than 19 inches, surpassing Troubles, the first older, who obtained that position in 2013 at 19 inches.
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hereditary health issues associated with savannah cats

There are currently no documented genetic health conditions uniquely linked to the Savannah cat, despite the fact that all cats are at some risk of having genetically inherited health problems.

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