How to Train Shiba Inu Dogs

Are you interested in learning how to train Shiba Inu dogs? Then this is for you.

Shiba Inus are Japanese dogs that were primarily employed for sledging, hunting, and hunting companions. They might be difficult for novice dog owners because they are highly independent. However, they are intelligent and receptive to the particular instruction.

Although they are not the easiest breeds to teach, Shibas are nonetheless capable of being well-trained and learning the fundamental puppy commands with time and patience. Read on to find out how to train Shiba Inu dogs.

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challenges that come with training a Shiba Inu dog

Despite being clever dog breeds, they can be difficult to teach. The following are a few of the difficulties:

Shiba Inus are fast and tend to dig under fences

Shiba Inu owners who have a backyard should have a covered run or fenced-in area that is enclosed at the top if they intend to keep their dogs outside because the breed is powerful and swift enough to dig holes and jump over fences.

they enjoy displaying dominance

Some Shiba Inus have a dominating tendency and don’t get along with other dogs or kids.

They also enjoy hoarding items like food and toys and do not support rough play towards children. Long-term socialization sessions with other dogs should lessen your dog’s propensity for dominance.

they require stimulation

Shiba Inus are a breed of lively, playful, and protective dogs, but they can also be stubborn and untrustworthy and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Shiba Inus frequently develop negative behaviour as a result of boredom or aggressive, overly complicated training methods.

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how to successfully train a Shiba Inu dog: the best technique

How do I successfully train a Shiba Inu? Follow the guide below on how to train Shiba Inu Dogs:

be consistent with commands

The finest orders you give should be brief, easy to understand, and direct—typically only one or two words, like sit, go, or leave it. It is important to use the orders regularly if you want your dog to remember them.

Avoid using an irate or agitated voice because the Shiba Inu is typically triggered by these tones. Once your dog has mastered a command, just introduce new ones.

try crate training

The safest approach to guarantee your Shiba Inu stays secure indoors is to crate train them. It guarantees good conduct while giving them security and comfort.

Crate training your Shiba Inu should begin when it’s a puppy for maximum success, however it can also be done with older dogs. Add blankets, chew toys, and their other favorite objects to the crate to make it inviting. Use upbeat voices and lots of goodies while crate training.

potty train your Shiba Inu at a young age

Potty training should begin at an early age, just like any other training. Dog training mats are a good option for potty training young Shiba Inus; when potty training outdoors, move your dog near the main door of the house.

Shiba Inus must use the restroom once per hour, so be consistent with your bathroom breaks as well. Use repeated orders to signal to your dog when it is time to go outside. Give your pet a treat for being well-behaved.

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reward positive behaviors

Giving your dog snacks is a fantastic way to reinforce positive behavior. Additionally, you can compliment and affirm your dog in a good way. Instead of dog food or snacks, give your dog treats designed specifically for obedience training.

Because training treats have less calories than regular treats, you can give your dog more of them throughout the day and reinforce positive behavior more frequently.

correct negative behaviors

As soon as a harmful conduct arises, call it out verbally with a stern “no”. It becomes more difficult to encourage them to stop if you don’t correct them right away.

Regular corrections should be given, but avoid showing your irritation. If they ignore a spoken command, you can re-direct them to something they enjoy doing, like playing or walking.

exercising is important

Take your puppy for a walk before training sessions to help them concentrate better and retain more knowledge. This will help your puppy burn off excess energy.

socialize your shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are known for their domineering tendencies and high level of aggression. However, this can be avoided by socializing your pet with people and other animals.

You can begin the training by taking your dog for leash-free strolls in your neighborhood to get him accustomed to seeing and hearing other animals.

Through playdates, walks, or trips to the dog park, you can start to increase the number of dogs your dog encounters, depending on how they react to socializing. Keep an eye on your Shiba Inu whenever you are in a public setting.

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clicker training

Dog trainers frequently suggest clicker training as a highly successful teaching technique.

Use the clicker with simple orders as soon as your dog starts to understand some fundamental vocal commands. The dog then associates the desired behavior with the clicker, which you then reinforce with goodies and positive reinforcement.

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