Guide on raising french bulldog puppies successfully

Raising a french bulldog is not a challenging situation to come by. As long as you are prepared to put in the effort, raising a french bulldog puppy is not difficult. The following guidelines will help you effectively raise your bulldog.

how to raise a french bulldog puppy successfully

1. Know its temperament

There’s a good chance you’ll acquire a Frenchie that isn’t as balanced in temperament as other dogs because every dog is unique.

This can be the result of genetics and the care they received before you took them up. The best technique to successfully train your dog will depend on your understanding of their disposition.

2. Make and stick to a routine

Dogs prefer predictable situations. A bulldog responds better to training when there is a rigid schedule in place.

The dog will then be aware of when to wake up, when to put food out, and when to go for walks. Even if it’s understandable that you won’t always follow them, a dog who has a pattern will be calmer, less tense, and simpler to train.

3. Buy your puppy lots of toys

You can ensure a happy, healthy dog by keeping your puppy mentally engaged. There are toys available for purchase that intellectually test the user, as well as others that only use traditional activities like tug of war.

Despite the fact that you walk them every day, dogs still need to play inside, therefore you need to get toys that are challenging for them.

4. Ensure your puppy maintains personal hygiene regularly

Along with giving it regular baths, you should make sure your dog’s bedding and environment are clean. This will lessen their risk of developing allergies.

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5. Carry your puppy along in every situation

Adopting your Frenchie into your “pack” will make him feel like a member of the family and help train him to be a great dog, especially if it sees you as the pack leader. Being excluded from certain activities can make your dog possessive.

6. Take your Frenchie out on daily walks

It is advised that you walk your dog twice a day. You do more than just keep your French bulldog healthy and fit by taking them on two daily walks.

Taking them outside from a young age exposes them to all the various early experiences that will help them develop into well-adjusted canines.

7. Feed your Frenchie a healthy diet

The 90/10 ratio should be followed when it comes to your puppy’s nutrition. Only 10% of your puppy’s diet should consist of treats or snacks. The remaining 90% should be made up of nutrient-rich pet food that has been authorized.

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8. Socialize your puppy

If you want to correctly raise a French Bulldog puppy, one of the most important things you should keep in mind is socializing your puppy. Once puppies are old enough to leave the house, it’s crucial to expose them to both people and other dogs (after vaccinations).

If the veterinarians in your care don’t have access to local schools, you can take them to a park where they can interact with other animals and people.

raising french bulldog puppies
raising french bulldog puppies

How much do I need to spend on raising my french bulldog puppy?

As was previously mentioned, successful bulldog puppy raising involves many different factors. You need to commit fully to it since it’s a commitment.

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Along with your time and care, keeping a puppy requires other expenses that many people frequently forget before hastily acquiring a pet.

The expense of raising a French Bulldog puppy in its first year of ownership is estimated to be more than $2,000 dollars. An explanation of the pricing is provided below.

  • Food and treats: $515
  • Insurance: $390
  • Vet visits: $155
  • Annual health check: $52
  • Flea treatment and tick collars: $232
  • Toys and bedding: $90
  • Dog sitting: $760

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