French Bulldog Breed: 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Among the best and most adored breeds of dogs in the world are French bulldogs. Both of them now enjoy similar fame.

Despite the fact that there are various dog breeds around the globe, many people adore them because of their distinctive characteristics. Typically, they are content, devoted, caring, and have guardianship.

Facts about the french bulldogs

Numerous fascinating or astounding facts are held in high regard by the Frenchies. Here is a list of a few of them:

French bulldogs are very stylish

The French bulldog is a fashionable canine that is causing a stir in the dog fashion world. French bulldogs frequently appear on runways since they have become well-known fashion symbols.

Woof is one of many famous dogs from this breed that have become Instagram sensations and brand ambassadors for different apparel companies.

French bulldogs are amazing babysitters

These dogs get along wonderfully with kids and are excellent pet guardians. In addition to being guardians, they also handle them with care.

Since they are excellent at establishing connections and are fairly cuddly, they typically become friends with the kids right away.

The following characteristics that they have to make them suitable babysitters:

  • They are  guardian and protector dogs
  • They are faithful and loyal partners
  • The dog breed is playful and fun
  • They’re easy to train and very intelligent
  • Calmness and patience are one of their greatest virtues.

french bulldogs have a weight limit

Yes, you read that right; if your pet Frenchie exceeds the specified 28 pounds, it will not meet the requirements set forth by the AKC for show dogs and will be disqualified.

French Bulldogs adore eating. making them susceptible to putting on weight quickly. It is advisable to keep a close eye on your pet’s feeding habits as this will help to ensure that he or she remains within the recommended weight range.

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French male puppies should weigh between 20 and 28 pounds (9 to 13 kg), while females should weigh between 8 and 12 kg (18 – 26 pounds). Both men and women should be between 11 and 12 inches or 28 to 30 centimeters tall.

Your dog’s ideal weight depends on a variety of variables, the two most important of which are genetics and body weight. However, if your dog is obese, try lowering the amount of food it consumes because being overweight can cause a number of illnesses, including cardiac issues.

french bulldogs fart a lot

In actuality, the french bulldog has a pretty humorous quality. They fart a lot, and they fart stench. Even though farting is a Frenchie thing, other well-known farters include the pug and boxer dog breeds.

Their sensitive stomach and digestive system, which struggles to properly digest specific foods, is the cause of their chubby habit.

The form of their skull also influences the dog’s food intake. It is difficult to eat where they should because of their flat face and short nose. They then have too much air in their intestines due to their fasting.

The frequent farting of bulldogs may be caused by indigestion. Following are some foods that may cause your dog to fart:

  • Grains such as corn.
  • High fermentable food: soy, broccoli, beans, cabbage e.t.c.
  • Dairy products as dogs are lactose intolerant.
  • Excessive carbohydrate.
  • Leftover food could at times lead to your dog’s farting spree.
  • Poor quality dog food.

French bulldogs have varying ear structures

French bulldogs are well-known for having large ears. Either their ears are flat or bat-like in shape. Although the English loved the rose-shaped ears of the original French bulldogs, their American counterparts preferred the bat-like ears.

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As a result, many french bulldogs now carefully monitor the development of their pet ears. This is a fascinating process because the shape of the dog’s ears is unknown until after teething is complete. The dog may, however, show both ears while they are still developing.

For instance, the left ear may be pointed today while the right ear is flat, and the opposite may be true tomorrow. Additionally, it’s possible that one ear may stand up for several weeks before the other does. They frequently aren’t entirely upright when they stand up. They have wings like an airplane.

frenchies do not originate in France

Contrary to popular belief, the “french” in “french bulldog” does not refer to the country of origin of the canine breed. They were originally from Nottingham, and after emigrating to France, English artisans gave them the moniker.

The current Frenchie, commonly referred to as the old bulldog, was founded in England. The petite bulldogs were developed into the distinctively “French” breed by French breeders.

When the lace industry relocated to France, the french bulldogs that had previously been used by lace manufacturers in England as lap warmers were also taken with them. The French Bulldog was developed as a result of the old Bulldogs mating with terriers.

french bulldogs can make good frog impressions

If you’ve heard of “Frog Dogs” and are curious about what they are, they are french bulldogs with the peculiar ability to lay on their stomachs and spread their legs out in front of them, mimicking the posture of a frog.

Frenchies cannot swim

Bulldogs’ slightly “bulbous” physique prevent them from swimming. They have substantial bones and strong muscles, in other words. They also have a distinctively squashed face known as brachycephalic, which refers to a short, wide head.

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They frequently weigh a lot, which limits their capacity to float. The brachycephaly of bulldogs is a major factor in their inability to swim. They have to raise their faces up higher to stay out of the water because of their short snouts.

They have more difficulty staying afloat because they are tilted up, and their heavy torsos and short legs make it difficult for them to float. The best course of action is to avoid submerging French Bulldogs in water at all costs because they are also susceptible to rheumatism, arthritis, and chills.

french bulldogs breed only through artificial insemination

French bulldogs require artificial insemination and occasionally cesarean delivery because they are unable to give birth naturally. Puppies of French bulldogs are born in this manner more than 80% of the time.

Due to their skinny hips, which prohibit the male genders of the breed from mounting their partners and breeding, they are unable to procreate naturally. Due to this, breeders start to collect french bulldog females who have undergone artificial insemination.

Frenchies are highly sensitive

Particularly to reprimands and criticism, this kind of dog is extremely sensitive. A dog that has been yelled at is likely to sulk around the home all day.

However, they react more favorably to words of encouragement and praise. They are susceptible, therefore you need to be very careful when working with them. Some phrases you ought to use with them are:

  • “No more treats”
  • “Go play with the other dogs”
  • “Mannerless dog”
  • “Look at me when I’m speaking to you”
  • “Meet my cat”
  • “You’re a nice little fat dog”
  • “Are you even French”
  • “Time to go out for a jog”
  • “Nice bat ears”

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