Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi? [Vet Guide]

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi? Yes, According to experts, you can feed the kiwi fruit to your rabbit. Your rabbit can sample kiwi, like all other fruits, but there are some limitations. Kiwi can be consumed by rabbits, albeit in very small quantities.

However, only as a treat should you serve it. Whether it is a hardy or “normal” fuzzy kiwi, there is no toxicity in it. Kiwi won’t result in liver or renal disease as a result.

Kiwi and fruits in general should be avoided if your rabbit frequently experiences digestive problems. You’re not helping your rabbit at all.

Fruits may have health advantages, but rabbits do not really profit from this in the same way. Because they consume it in moderation, it is only a treat for them and a method to have fun rather than a fundamental, essential diet.

Rabbits should eat more kiwi to get the benefits of it. However, due to its high sugar and starch content, it has the potential to cause diarrhea, constipation, or issues with cecal motility. Feed it kiwi sparingly to prevent this.

Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi

The kiwi fruit also has vitamins A, E, B6, potassium, vitamin K, copper, and vitamin C, which are all essential for immunity. For your bunny, it’s not the same, though.

Yes, kiwis are loaded with antioxidants, but your rabbit doesn’t really care about that. Hay and some leafy green veggies give him all the nutrients he needs.

Why should you avoid feeding fruits to your rabbit?

Rabbits will consume high-fiber, low-sugar plant stuff to satisfy their nutritional needs. Fruits don’t truly provide your bunny with that. When fruit portions are larger than they should be, the gut bacteria that feed on sugar will multiply.

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Overwhelming the rabbit stomach can result in watery stools and an inability to produce healthy cecotropes. This might make him live less time.

Even if your rabbit’s digestive system is still functioning well, consuming too many kiwis or other treats can result in additional issues. such as respiratory issues, fatty liver disease, arthritis, foot discomfort, and obesity.

Cellular fat accumulation is the cause of fatty liver disease. The biggest factor is a diet that is excessively high in sugar and carbs in general—not necessarily lipids.

Treats don’t always have to be the fruits, juices, dried fruits, or other things you find in pet stores; they can also be root vegetables.

Even if just in modest amounts, some owners prefer to shun fruits, and that is completely OK. Only in moderation and only during their season do rabbits have the chance to consume certain wild berries or fruit.

As a general rule, try to imitate what a wild rabbit does and consume as closely as possible. The long-term health of a rabbit should take into account factors like insulin resistance and intestinal stasis.

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi Peels, Seeds, or Vines?

The kiwi peels can be consumed by your pet rabbit without any negative effects. Banana peels work similarly, provided you wash them completely before giving them to your rabbit. Don’t, however, feed them more frequently. Sugar is also present. Due to the fiber content, it is superior to actual fruit.

The skin is healthier for them than the actual kiwi component. Fruits are treats and shouldn’t be a regular component of their diet, therefore you should only give them little amounts of it. Giving them too much can result in digestive problems like messy stool.

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Kiwi seeds are also safe for buns. You don’t have to worry about that. However, veterinarians do not provide any reference regarding kiwi vines as being safe or unsafe for rabbits. The absence of references is widely spread, however, you should take full responsibility while trying any kiwi tree, shrub or tangle.

Can rabbits eat dried kiwi?

Do not give your rabbit dried kiwi fruit. Other fruits also fall under this criterion. Although we do not advise it, some owners give these foods to their rabbits.

It’s possible that dried fruit won’t bother your rabbit. But even if he accepts it, over time he can gain weight and have other health issues. This may reduce his life expectancy.

Can baby rabbits eat kiwi?

Fruits are not for baby rabbits to eat. Till they are roughly 12 weeks old, they must refrain from consuming or tasting any kind of fresh food. In addition, you should start him off on veggies before introducing fruits a few months later.

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