Best Dog Breeds for a Scared Child

What are the best dog breeds for a scared child? There’s a reason why dogs are regarded as man’s best friend. They typically have great bonds with man and are loyal to them.

Dogs are lovable, adorable, and amazing animals, and being around them may be therapeutic. Since dogs are typically found in a variety of settings, it is not a good idea to be afraid of them.

Continuous exposure to and socialization with dogs would undoubtedly put an end to a child’s fear of dogs.

Best dog breeds for a scared child

The canines that are most likely to make wonderful pets for children who are afraid of dogs are listed below. These dog breeds aren’t vicious, dangerous, or aggressive, so you can just pick the one that best suits you.

golden retrievers

In addition to being a great family dog breed, the golden retriever is a popular breed of household dog for young kids scared of dogs. They are among the most well-known dog breeds and frequently appear in TV and film productions.

The dogs get along with everyone and are very sociable. With their charming and happy expressions, they don’t appear frightening but rather endearing. Your child is in capable hands when he or she is with a trained golden retriever.

field spaniel

Despite having exceptionally appealing and endearing appearances, the field spaniel is a great family dog. Their intelligence and ease of learning also contribute to how quickly and easily they may be trained.


The most distinctive characteristics of this breed of dog are their long ears and compact stature. A beagle’s innocent eyes will make you melt the moment you look into them.

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Beagles are a playful breed as well, which will encourage your kid to act more freely around them. The breed is extremely simple to train to watch over and protect the kids.

English setter

The breed is incredibly serene and quiet. It is also renowned for its caution and gentleness with kids. The majority of the time, they are eager to interact with the family and the kids.

They are also excellent with other animals, which encourages your child to be near them. The dog breed is known for being extremely energetic.

english springer spaniel

This dog breed is adorable and a fantastic option for children who are afraid of dogs. The dog is ideal for kids between the ages of six and seven because it falls within the medium size category.

They have drooping ears and seductive eyes, and they are incredibly appealing. As they enjoy bouncing around the house, they are quite playful and intelligent, and they are rarely sluggish or sedentary.

sealyham terrier

This breed of dog is also very cute. Because of their strength and muscle, they are sporty and make ideal playmates for your kids. Generally speaking, they are placid yet can become hyperactive when playing. Although they are typically friendly to everyone, they are fiercely loyal to their owners.


Most people around the world adore labradors. They are extremely intelligent and agile, and despite working primarily in the military, they are excellent with kids.

Because of their extreme affection and loyalty, labradors are frequently recommended as a good dog for young children who are afraid of dogs and novice dog owners. The relationship between your children and this dog will last a lifetime if you introduce them to it at a young age.

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A dog breed with an appealing appearance. However, it doesn’t really forge a connection with your kids as well as other dogs do. They are fantastic with kids and a terrific fit for apartments.

Many kids enjoy carrying the Maltese because of its small size, which makes carrying it simple. Additionally, the breed has gorgeous, silky, smooth fur that makes it difficult to keep your hands off of them.


Huge but harmless, this breed is reportedly credited with saving Napoleon Bonaparte from drowning. These canines and kids develop an affectionate attachment with one another after spending some time together.

Although kind, they are not weak since, when the time comes, they may be fiercely protective of your kids. If you introduce a Newfoundland dog into your child’s life, they will undoubtedly fall in love with it.

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